"ISO9001 consulting received to set up our system, was detailed and well thought out. We passed the audit without issue. Thanks John." Managing Director, FlitePartners

"John is a leader in his field" "a person I would recommend for change, building and leading teams" "serious about collaboration" Director, 3 Elements Coffee

"We worked together initially on a project and I learned a great deal from John whilst being creative, keeping the project on track, supporting and inspiring me to learn and grow in the role to progress where I am now. He gave me the support, inspiration and confidence to complete the project on his departure." Business Assurance & Support Manager, BAE Systems

"John is a highly professional individual with good leadership skills and the ability to manage teams of people of varying skills and levels of abilities. When working for BAE in the capacity of a consultant; John was a client of mine and I couldn't have asked of a better customer - he articulated the issues he was looking to solve for the business very concisely and clearly communicated his expectations around the delivery of objective based outcomes." Executive Manager and Leader, BAE Systems

"John is a great team leader, highly professional, decisive and a listener. John manages with high standards and expectations with a commitment to providing both support and development to his team to ensure the best performance and delivery of service. He has the respect of those that work for him leading by example with the process by which he arrives at a decision to be logical and fair whilst motivating and inspiring those around him to achieve clear and agreed objectives." Governance & Improvement Lead, BAE Systems

"John aided me in taking what was a cumbersome and complex system of quality plans to transform this into an efficient streamlined group of policies." Delivery Manager, BAE Systems
"An overview of the new business management system (BMS) was given by John Howell... Each of the reviewed and revised documents are considered a quantum leap forward from the previous detailed and descriptive documents. Each process definition is based on a process approach, scope and controls required to be implemented, defined and specific roles and responsibilities... Hearty congratulations." A UKAS Accredited Certification Body
"The standard of packaging and documentation is far superior to that of any other project/nationality... These remarks were made to the us from personnel, military, customs and ground handling staff during a walk-round and review. The packaging is used as an example for other projects of what is expected and how our property should be regarded and protected... Considering the amounts of customer complaints we were receiving several years ago, this is great news and so many thanks to all who have been involved in getting the deliveries to this high standard." A National Overseas Navy